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Bespoke Eyewear

At Stirling Opticians we place you the patient at the centre of our business and provide a truly personalised set of spectacles, this includes lenses that are designed for your unique prescription and visual requirements and a frame that is fully customised for perfect fit and appearance.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2.

Optimised for the eyes + frame + face + main daily activities Natural vision, tailor-made for each individual and their main daily activities, in different light conditions

At Stirlings, we use state of the art digital measuring technology to ensure that your lenses are fitted perfectly in alignment with your eyes to allow perfect vision

Established in 2008 by British designer Tom Davies, TD Tom Davies has truly revolutionised the eyewear market. No longer do you have to compromise between glasses that are comfortable and those that fit with your personal style.

TD Tom Davies offers something rare to the eyewear world – custom made frames. This Bespoke service,exclusively  in Kettering at Stirling Opticians, gives you the chance to create one­-of-­a-­kind frames, in perfect harmony with your facial features, personality and lifestyle.

Bespoke frames are tailor made for the customer, to every last detail. A series of facial measurements and photographs are taken to enable us to create the ideal frame style and shape. Everything from the material used, to the colour of the frame, is up to you.

All frames are precision­ made by hand in the TD Tom Davies workshop, using the highest quality materials such as natural buffalo horn, titanium and premium acetate. From the design stage, the customer can expect to be wearing their glasses in five weeks.

For a Bespoke Eyewear Consultation please contact the practice on 01536 511605

TD Tom Davies Bespoke Spectacle Frames

At Stirlings, we stock a large range of ready to wear frames in acetate and titanium, and these can be bought off the shelf for £250-£350. But were it gets really exciting is that any of these frames can me made to order, with a large colour palette to choose from and different size fronts and arms - for no extra charge

For the ultimate in luxury bespoke eyewear, Tom Davies offer a Natural Horn range, which we are one the few practices in the country to stock

Buffalo horn is a unique natural product. It is lighter than acetate, gentle on the skin and allergy safe. We use Indian water buffalo for most of our colours. For the white colour, we use African buffalo.

Tom Davies Natural Horn frames are priced from £700 inclusive of made to measure.

To see the Tom Davies collection and to discuss your detailed visual requirements with our eyewear consultant and varifocal expert, please call to arrange (or send us a dm on social media)

16-18 Gold St, Kettering, NN16 8JB. 01536 511605